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  • Agorart: Antique Fairs in Vic

    The antique fairs in spring and autumn in Vic are organised by Agorart, a Vic based firm headed by the antique dealer Esteve Galobardes, a professional who has amassed over 40 years experience in the world of antiques.

    The antique fairs take place on Sunday, from 8am to 2pm, in the El Sucre trades fair pavillion in Vic. These events normally encompass some fifty odd exhibitors who come from all over Catalonia and also from several other locations in Spain. These include antique dealers, secondhand furniture dealers, secondhand booksellers, numismatics and other professionals dealing in collector’s items. The merchandise to be found at the fairs is consequently very varied: furniture, painting, ornaments, collector’s items, clothing, machinery, farm tools, books, coins...

    In the Vic antique fair proceedings that have been organised up till now by the Agorart firm, the event has been steadily gaining ground in the calendar of antique markets in Catalonia.This date with antiques in Vic is very highly rated by both visitors and exhibitors who highlight: the quality and quantity of the items to be found, the magnificent characteristics of the facilities and the gift that is raffled to the public who attend and which is an unparalled incentive in the antique fairs throughout Catalonia.

    Vic Antiques and Art Fair
    Place: El Sucre Antiques Fair
    Date: 14th of April 2024
    Opening hours: From 8.00 to 14.00
    Entry fee: 2 €
    Sorteig de un obsequi entre tots els visitans
    Last drawing's winner: Sergio Lara of Sant Boi de Llobregat

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