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  • Esteve Galobardes Antiguitats is a Vic based firm that has worked in the world of antiques since 1965. At the present time, in Esteve Galobardes Antiguitats, we have a wide variety of fully restored antique furniture and objects which can infuse a touch of distinction and originality to any environment. Although a little of everything may be found in our shop, over the last few years we have specialised in:

      • Furniture (wardrobes, tables, benches, beds, display cabinets...).
      • All types of grandfather, wall and table clocks.
      • Objects to do with wine production (presses, pumps, crushers, scales for weighing casks, bottle corkers...).
      • Objects to do with coffee making (mills of all sizes and designs, roasters, percolators...).
      • Stoves, solid fuel range cookers and sewing machines of all types.

    You can see and purchase any of our items at the shop we have located in Vic, at the various fairs we attend all year round and also via this web page.

    Next fair we will attend: Vic Antiques Fair
    Place: Vic (Barcelona)
    Dates: 2nd of October 2022

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